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Vol.9 No.0
Terrain of East Asian Confucian Thoughts in 18th Century
Doctrine of Tao and its Metaphysical Dimension in Qianlong and Jiaqing Times
An Intellectual History of Confucianism in Eighteenth Century East Asia -The Case of the Sorai School and Chong Yak-yong
A Theory of Mind-Heart(心說) in Yi Ik(李瀷) who is a Representative Scholar of Shilhak(實學) for the 18th Century in Korea
Korean Confucianism and Bibliographical Study of Chinese Classics
On Zhou yi’ s Philosophical Connotation From Original Characters of “Qian”(乾) and “Kun”(坤)
Further on HUANG Zong-xi’s Conception of Philosophical History in Ming Dynasty
Korean Confucianists’ understanding and explanation on Zhuzi’s “Mind”, “Nature” and Emotion in the “Four-Seven” Controversy
Song Jun-gil's Neo-Confucianism
A Study on the Subject of Modernization in Korea
Going beyond the boundaries in Confucian studies
[Book Review:] KBS INSIGHT亚洲儒教制作组《亚洲的力量——儒教》(首尔:礼谈社,2008年)
[Book Review:] 宋荣培《东西哲学的交汇与思维方式的差异》(石家庄:河北人民出版社,2006年)
[Book Review:] 韩国儒学思想资料精选2.《心气理篇》郑道传著,权近注解