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Vol.8 No.0
Paradigm Shifts in Chinese Confucianism
On Subjects and Methods for Studying Zhouyi( the Book of Changes)
Three Pieces of Notes on Bamboo Strips of Chu State Related with the Analects of Confucius
The Character sties of Dai Zhen’s Thoughts
Analysis on the Provision and the Characteristics of Its System Relevant to Yejon(code of rites, 礼典) in Code, 经国大典)
The Solid Learning Spirit within Yulkok’s Thoughts
On Mao Qiling’s Thought about the Study of Confucian Classics and His Academic Position
On Harmonious Characteristic of the Cultural Value Ideas of the Eastern Asia
Daily life and the Inner Reasonable Road of Confucian School Ethics
The Empiricist’s Progress: Ch’oe Han’gi’s Journey away from Confucianism
[Book Review:] 崔英辰《朝鮮朝儒學思想史的狀況》 : (首爾: 成均館大學出版部, 2005年)
[Book Review:] 金永植《朱熹的自然哲學》 : (首爾: 藝文書院, 2005年)