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Vol.7 No.0
The Korean Confucianism in 17C ─Deepening Zhuzixue and Criticism about It
17 世紀韓國的儒學思想 ──朱子學的深化以及對其的批判
Studies on Confucian Classics and Social Thoughts in Early 17th Century Choson Scholars
17 世紀朝鮮的經學和經世學
Wang Fuzhi`s Annotation on Zhouyi and Learning Transmutation from Ming to Qing Dynasty
The State and Meaning of the Cheng-Zhu School in 17th Century in Ningbo, Zhejiang
The Idea of Heaven(Tian) in Ito Jinsai`s Thought
A Study on the Confucianism in 17th Century Between China and Japan
17 世紀中日儒學的一個方面 ──以王夫之和伊藤仁齋爲代表
Confucius` “Personality” Seeking for the Harmonious Society and the Enlightenment
A Comparative Study of Guan Zhong and Confucius ―Also on the Exchange of Qi Culture and Lu Culture
管仲與孔子比較硏究 ──兼論齊、魯文化交流
From Doctrine of Good Nature of Human Beings to Doctrine of Good Nature of the Myriad Things
Chu Tsu`s Discussion of Kuei-shen: Centered on His Interpretations on Chapter 16 in The Doctrine of The Mean
On Confucian Orthodoxy Thought of Zhu Zi and Lee Toegye and Its Influence on Humanities Value in Asia
A Critique of Anti-ancient Logic of the Anti-ancient Trend: Also the Pro-ancient Logic of the Economy Determinism
反古思潮的“反古邏輯”批判: 附論經濟決定論的“崇古邏輯”
Research on the Confucianist Political Thoughts in the 20th Century
20 世紀儒家政治思想硏究
The Ethical Nature of the “Philosophy of Consideration” in Confucianism
儒學“配慮哲學”的倫理傾向 ――對儒學現代性應用的一種嘗試
[Book Review:] 池田知久《馬王堆漢墓帛書五行硏究》
[Book Review:] 楊國榮《儒學的思與辨》