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Vol.6 No.0
Recent tendency and Prospect of Confucian Studies in Korea
Trends of Confucianism Research in China for Recent Years (2000-2005)
Recent Studies on Chinese Thoughts in Japan
The Present Situation of Confucian Studies in America
Cultural significance of Toegye Studies
A Search for Identity of Traditional Thoughts in Korea and the Future Prospect
Lee T’oegyehak’s view of scholarship reflected from the structure of his ten drawings on sage leaning
New insight into the chapter xue er (學而) in The Analects of confucius
Re-examination of Confucian theories of human natural tendency from pre-Qin to Sung period
Confucian Communitarianism and Its Developmental Prospects
The Confucian Viewpoint on Rightneous and Personai Interests and The Hypothesis of Rational-economic Man
The Influence on Contemporary Chinese Ideological Mode of Thinking by The Traditional Chinese Philosophy -Also on Carrying on and Comprehensive Innovation of The Traditional Philosophy-
About the question of the modem transformation of Confucianism -A discussion of the views of modem Neo-Confusianists on the transformation of Confucianism
Pseudo-literati Phenomenon -the Significance and Values of the Paradigm of Confucian Aesthetics in the Late Jos eon Dynasty
Oriental Thought and Management
[Book Review:] 王夫之經學硏究的開始 (評陳來《詮釋與重建:王船山的哲學精神》)
[Book Review:] 從社會史和比較史的角度來看近世日本儒學史 (評黑住眞《近世日本社會與儒敎》)
[Book Review:] 由 Roger T. Ames 而想: 對“關系”的哲學理解 (評Roger T. Ames《東洋哲學的人生和創造性》張元碩譯)