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Vol.39 No.0
The Ethics of Hospitality: Tracing the Confucian Other
Center 華 and Periphery 夷 in Eighteenth-Century Annamese Neo-Confucian Discourse
Coming to Terms with Wang Yangming’s Strong Ethical Nativism: On Wang’s Claim That “Establishing Sincerity” (Licheng 立誠) Can Help Us Fully Grasp Everything that Matters Ethically
Wang Yangming’s Doctrine of the “Unity of Knowing and Acting” in the Light of Kant’s Practical Philosophy
Dasan’s Philosophy of Law
The Psychology of a Sacrifice: Seen through Yulgok Yi I’s “Treatise on Death, Life, Ghosts, and Spirits”
Book Review: Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy