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Vol.34 No.0
[Scholar’s Corner:] Confucianism as Dependent Variable
Two Neo-Confucian Models of Educating Children: A Comparison between Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming’s Pedagogical Thought
The Philosophy of Mencius as a Way of Life: A Rapport between Mencian Confucianism and Pierre Hadot’s Conception of Philosophy
Toegye Yi Hwang’s “Refutation of Wang Yangmyeong’s Record for Practice”
Im Yunjidang’s View of Material Composition
Xunzi’s Ritual Program as a Response to Han Feizi’s Criticism of Confucianism
Confucian Characteristics of Korean Democracy: An Approach from a Republican Perspective
[Book Review:] Renxue Bentilun (The Ontology of Benevolence)