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Vol.31 No.0
Mengzi’s Philosophical Scheme of Human Nature
A New Interpretation of the Gongsun Longzi: The White Horse as an Analogy for Human Nature
公孫龍子新釋 ――比喩人性的白馬
A Contemporary Assessment of the “Four-Seven Debate”: A Comparative Study of the Moral Psychology of Yi Hwang and Ki Dae-seung
四七之辯與惡之根的現代意義 ―― 對李混與奇大升之道德心理學的比較硏究
“The golden rule of our Saviour. . . had been inculcated by Confucius, almost in the same words, four centuries before”: The Clash of the Christian and Confucian Golden Rules in 17th- to 19th-Century England
“我們的救主的黃金律… 四個世紀之前, 幾乎在同一個詞中, 已被孔子諄諄敎誨了” ―― 在17-19世紀英國基督敎與儒家黃金律的衝突
A New Approach to the Sasang Constitutional Theory of Yi Je-ma
The Characteristics of Qian Shi’s Interpretation of the Lunyu
Hou Ju 後具 or Ben Ju 本具?: A Reinterpretation of Zhu Xi’s Proposition “Xin Ju Zhong Li” 心具衆理
“後具”抑或“本具”? ――關於朱子“心具衆理”命題之再詮釋
The Relationship between Conscience and Qi in Yangming’s Philosophy
A Comparative Study on the Compilation of Zhu Xi’s Books by King Jeongjo and Chinese Philology: Focusing on the Juja Seontong 朱子選統
朝鮮正祖朱子選本編纂與中國文獻關係芻論 ――以佚本《朱子選統》爲中心
Mou Zongsan’s Concept of Socialism