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Vol.29 No.0
Four Types of Moral Extension in Mencius
Making a Text One’s Own: Reflections on Reading Chinese Philosophy Properly
Yi I’s Understanding of Human Beings as Viewed from Ibn Sina’s Perspective
The Characteristics of the Earlier Philosophy of Han Won-jin: Major Issues in Yulgok byeoljip bucheom
How to Interpret Mencius’ Concept of “Xing” 性?: The Debate in Western Sinology and Its Current Significance
How Is It Possible for the Sage to Know by Listening?
A Comparative Study of the Development Patterns of Zhuzixue in China and Korea
Yan Fu's Scientific Thought and Mutual Understanding
From “Return to Kang Youwei” to “Back to Mou Zongsan”: A Study on the Political Confucianism of Mainland New Confucianism
Being-psychology and Confucianism