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Vol.28 No.0
Two Faces of Human Dignity: Mencius and Migrant Workers in East Asia
尊嚴的兩面 -孟子與東亞外勞
Deciphering Zhou Dunyi`s “Taijitu” 太極圖
解密“太極圖” 的一個方法
The Substance of the Mind and the Immortality of the Self in Zhu Xi: In Relation to the Guishen-hunpo Theory
朱熹哲學中之心的本體與自我不朽―― 關於鬼神魂魄理論
A Composite Centrality: Interpreting Centrality within Zhu Xi`s Zhongyong
論朱熹《中庸章句》 對中性槪念的解釋
Scholarship and Self-Cultivation: Reconstruction, Dissemination, and Internalization of Confucian Thought in Joseon through the Xiaoxue 小學
科業與修身――從《小學》 東傳看朝鮮時期儒家知識的重構、 擴散及內化
The Role of Choe Si-hyeong and His Recognition of the World in the Eastern Learning Movement
The Analects and the Confucianization of Judiciary in the Han and Tang Dynasties
《論語》 與漢唐司法的儒家化
Wang Tingxiang`s Inheritance and Development of Zhang Zai`s “The Great Void Being the Same as Material Force”
論王廷相對張載“太虛卽氣” 的承繼與轉型
Why Is Traditional Filial Piety Burdensome?
傳統孝行成爲負擔的理由――《世宗實錄》 中出現的孝行特點和問題
On Xunzi`s Ritual and “Following the Later King”: An Analysis of the Idea “A Consistent Principle of Ritual” (liyi tonglei 禮義統類)
論荀子的禮和法後王――以“禮義統類” 槪念分析