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Vol.27 No.0
Who Answered the Shang Diviner?: The Nature of Shang Divination
Tian 天(Heaven) as a Cosmological Framework for Kongzi’s Moral Teaching
Governance and Autonomy: Chen Fuliang’s Political Theory
On the Notion of “Unifying Ren 仁” in Wang Yangming`s Thoughts on Ren
Li Zehou’s Theory of Emotion as Substance and Confucianism
Two Gaozi: Zhu Xi’s Gaozi and Lu Jiuyuan’s Gaozi
New Analysis ofWang Yangming’s Four Dicta
Wang Tingxiang’s Political Philosophy
The Study of Laozi and Communication between Confucianism and Buddhism in the Late Qing Dynasty
Discussion on the Religiousness of Confucianism in the Past Century