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Vol.26 No.0
The Jesuits’ Latin Translations of the Zhongyong 中庸 during the 17th and 18th Centuries
Li Zhi’s Religious Syncretism, or Sanjiao heyi 三敎合一
Alternative Forms of Capitalism Supported by the Lunyu 論語
Time: A Unique Perspective on the Relationship between Heaven and Humanity in Confucianism
Philosophizing Jigi 至氣 of Donghak 東學 as an Experienced Ultimate Reality
The Different sets of Confucian Classics and the Ruzang 儒藏: Shuxue 蜀學 in the Confucian Classics System
Zhongdao 中道 (Middle Path) and Fortune in the Yijing 易經: The Moral Metaphysics of the Yijing
Kongzi’s Approach to social and Reclusive Lifestyles
A Study of Chen Chun’s Annotation of the Lunyu 論語
A Study on the Literary Value and the Confucian Spirit of the Inkstone