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Vol.25 No.0
Qizhi zhi xing 氣質之性and the Unity of Human Nature: Zhu Xi`s Theorization of the Goodness of Human Nature
氣質之性與一性論: ――朱熹的性善論論證
The Relationship between Directions and the Four Seasonal Points: A Study of the Equinoxes and Solstices in “Yao dian”
關於傳統禮儀上的方位與二分二至關聯性的硏究 ――以《尙書·堯典》篇爲中心
Senior Welfare in Korean Confucian Society
The Establishment and Development of Chinese Aesthetics as a Modern Study
Regional Differences of Writing in the Warring States Period
A Study of the Zhouyi in Qianzaodu of Yiwei
Jiao Hong`s Interpretation of the Lunyu: A Study of the Jiaoshi bisheng
焦竑《論語》詮釋的特色 ――以《焦氏筆乘·讀<論語>》爲中心
A New Approach to Chen Men`s Ridicule of Kongzi
On Fan Zhongyan`s Spirit of Undertaking Responsibilities
A Comparative Study of Zhu Xi`s Approach to Self-Cultivation: An Analysis of Jing 敬
論比較哲學視閾下的朱熹哲學工夫論 ――以朱熹論“敬”的工夫爲例