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Vol.24 No.0
Creation, Transformation, and Transcendence
A Comparative Study on the Quest for Individuality in Confucianism and Dewey
The Metaphor of the Body and Symbolization of Communication in Wang Yangming
Zhuangzi 莊子 on Qi 氣
Restructuring Learning (Xue 學) on a New Foundation: Zhu Xi’s Reformulation of Gewu 格物 and Zhizhi 致知
“Reaching at Supreme Goodness”: Philosophical Analysis of the Intrinsic Relation between Benevolence and Human Nature
A Four Dimensionsal Analysis of Xunzi’s Views on Human Nature
On the Confucian Enlightenment Thought in Pre-Qin Period in “Cheng zhi wen zhi” of the Guodian Bamboo Slips
The Modern Significance of the Yijing in Terms of “Autonomy”
Some Academic Characteristics of Huang Zhen’s Interpretation of the Du Lunyu 讀論語
The Groundbreaking Book in the Dissemination of Confucianism to Europe, Chinese Philosopher Confucius