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Vol.23 No.0
From Jingxue 經學 to Philosophy and from There, Whence?
從經學到哲學, 然後是何處?
The Philosophy of Yi Hwang 李滉 and World Peace
The Paradox of Learning to become a Sage: Zhu Xi`s 朱熹 Reintegration of Sagehood and Governing the World
“聖學”的悖論――朱熹是如何將“聖人之治”與 現實的“經世”再結合的?
A Logical Mechanism of Justifying the Sustainability of Social Networks in the Neo-Confucian School of Cheng-Zhu 程朱學
From a Prohibition of Talk about Otherworldly Elements to Harangues about Heavenly Morality in Confucianism
從不語天神到奢談天德―― 儒家思想的遷移
An Analysis of the “Interaction between Heaven and Man” in Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi`s Neo-Confucianism
Wang Fuzi`s Understanding of the Great Learning: In Comparison to Zhu Xi`s Understanding
王夫之對《大學》 的理解―― 以與朱熹比較為中心
Confucianism, Intellectuals, and the State: Reconstructing Confucianism as a Critical Discourse
國家、儒學、 知識分子―― 建議“作爲批判性論述的儒學”
A Masterpiece of Confucian Latin Translation in the 18th Century: Francois Noel S.I. and His Sinensis Imperii Libri Classici Sex
A Study of Tjhie Tjay Ing`s Views of Confucian Religion in Indonesia