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Vol.22 No.0
Zhang Jiucheng 張九成 as an Eminent Advocate of the Cheng Learning (Chengxue 程學) in the Early Southern Song
“Critical Confucianism”: Ye Shi`s 葉適 Constitutional Vision
M oral Agent and Practical Functions in Cheong Yagyong's Theory of M ind
A Study for Promoting M orality through the Application of the Confucian Notion of Benevolence (Ren 仁)
Envisioning the Territory of the Sages: The Neo-Confucian Discourse of Jingjie
The Structure of Mind in Neo-Confucianism Analyzed from the Metaphysical Differences of Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi
Some Characteristics of Chen Xiangdao’s Interpretation of the Lunyu quanjie 論語全解 (Complete Interpretation of the Lunyu)
Comparing Mou Zongsan’s Opinion of Toegye and Yulgok
On M engzi’s U nderstanding of Nature
The Spread of Confucianism to Britain and Germany by Protestant M issionaries in the Late Qing Dynasty