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Vol.22 No.0
Zhang Jiucheng 張九成 as an Eminent Advocate of the Cheng Learning (Chengxue 程學) in the Early Southern Song
張九成―― 南宋初期程學系的代表學者
“Critical Confucianism”: Ye Shi`s 葉適 Constitutional Vision
批判儒學"―― 葉適的憲政思想
Moral Agent and Practical Functions in Cheong Yagyong`s Theory of Mind
A Study for Promoting M orality through the Application of the Confucian Notion of Benevolence (Ren 仁)
Envisioning the Territory of the Sages: The Neo-Confucian Discourse of Jingjie
展望聖人的境地―― 新儒家的境界論
The Structure of M ind in Neo-Confucianism Analyzed from the M etaphysical Differences of Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi
Some Characteristics of Chen Xiangdao`s Interpretation of the Lunyu quanjie 論語全解 (Complete Interpretation of the Lunyu)
陳祥道《論語全解》 的詮釋特色
Comparing M ou Zongsan`s Opinion of Toegye and Yulgok
On Mengzi`s Understanding of Nature
The Spread of Confucianism to Britain and Germany by Protestant M issionaries in the Late Qing Dynasty
晩清來華新敎傳敎士向英、 德的儒學傳播