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Vol.21 No.0
A Reconsideration of Yi Hwang's Four-Seven Theory
Yulgok's Moral Emotion Theory: A Reflection on the Foundation of Normativity
Dialectical Development of the Theory of the Four Beginnings and Seven Feelings by the Toegye and Yulgok Schools during the 17th-18th Centuries
Jeong Jedu’s Theory of the Four Beginnings and Seven Feelings
The Four-Seven Debate in Silhak: On the Gong Hino Ribal Theory of the Seongho School
Topical Review of Confucian Philosophy Research in Korea, 2009-2012: Embracing the Ambiguity of Confucianism
Two Kinds of Value Orientations in the Confucian Culture of Filial Piety
Xin and Zhi in the Thought of Zhu Xi: a Review of the Theory of Xing-Xin in the Thought of Zhu Xi
Reflection of Wang Chuan-shan on “Gaozi treats qi as nature” Suggested by Zhu Xi: Interpretation on the Debate between Gaozi and Mencius
How Can Li Get Harmonized with the Human Body and the Mind? - a Discussion with a Focus on the Theory of the Harmony between Body and Mind in the Thought of Wang Chuan-shan
A Study of Xiong Shili’s Ontology of Verification by Self-reflection
[Book Review:] A Review of For the Future of the Study on the Intellectual History of the latter period of the Choseon Dynasty
[Book Review:] Yi Jin-sang’s “the Theory of Sim jeuk ri (Mind is the Principle),” in Complete Works of Hanju.