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Vol.20 No.0
Zhu Xi's Metaphysical System and the Role of Taiji (Great Ultimate)
Semiotic Analysis of Zhu Xi’s Moral Psychology
Three Differences between Buddhism and Confucianism - Zhu Xi’s Argument and Explanation
Balancing between Innate Morality and Moral Agency: Zhu Xi’s Interpretation of the Sixteen Character Teaching
On Zhu Xi’s Distinction between Heavenly Principle and Human Desire
The Concept of Social Responsibility as It Appears in Vietnamese Confucianism
A New Research on Shangshuwei
17th Century Chinese Jesuits’ Interpretation of Confucian Concepts: Focusing on the Translation of ‘Nature’
The Self-Identification Factors inside Chosŏn Confucians’ “Small-China” Consciousness
The Good and the Right: Connections between the Thought of Tasan and Zhu Xi
Huang Zongxi and Transformation of the Ethics of Economics during the Ming and Qing Dynasties
Confucians’ Solicitude for Contemporary Environmental Crisis and Predicament
[Book Review:] “以中釋中”的學術新作 ——《思想世界的概念系統》一書的書評 (曾振宇 著, 人民出版社, ISBN:9787010108575)