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Vol.2 No.0
Yi Won's Political Thoughts and their Elements of Confucian Philosophy - SibJoSo(ten proposals about policy to king)와 SibIljoso(eleven proposals about policy to king)를 중심으로
Coexistence of Confucian and Popular Culture - 산천의 상하 통제(通祭)를 중심으로 during the Chosun Dynasty
On Manners禮 and Law法 of original Confucianism, viewed of the relation between Heaven天 and Man人
Ritual Ceremony: A Feast of Symbolism
Study on Thought for the people of Confucianism and Political Philosophy - Association with Democracy and Realistic Politics
The choice of eastasian/confucian civilization and world order
吳澄 : 蒙元時代的通儒