Print ISSN 1598-267X|Online ISSN 2734-1356


Vol.19 No.0
The Lure of Confucianism in East Asian Art
The Artistic Development of Calligraphy during the Wei and Jin Period and Its Aesthetic Significance
The Image-Making of Confucian Scholars: The Impact of Zhu Xi Portrait on Korean and Japanese Art
The Landscape Garden Culture of the Hanyang Kyong Hwa Sa Jok(京華士族) of Late Choson, as Exemplified by Kim Cho-sun (金組淳)
“Advocate Goodness of Human Nature to Anyone Coming across”: Analysis on “Good Nature Theory” of Mencius
On Bangu’s Comment “Many Old‐text Book of Shang Is in the Record of History”
How Music Education (Yue Jiao) Cultivate Virtue: From the Perspective of Sentimentalist Ethics
The Ecological Explanation of the Confucian View of Heavenly Way: On the Account of East Asian Monsoonal Climate and Phenological Application
Goun Choi Chi-won’s Synthesis of Three Religions and Its Modern Significance
[Book Review:] 臺灣的本土性和儒學的普世性之結合: 《臺灣儒學:起源、發展與變化》一書的書評 (陳昭瑛著, 華東師範大學出版社, 2012年1月, ISBN:9787561784747)
[Book Review:] 通過《大學》研究專家的成果去理解朝鮮經學史 的關鍵: 《朝鮮時代<大學章句>的改定和與此相關 的論辯》一書的書評 (崔錫起著, 寶考社, 2011年6月, ISBN 978-89-8433-888-3)
[Book Review:] 巍岩李柬的《未發有善惡辨》、 《未發辨》和《五常辨》