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Vol.18 No.0
Relationship between Rituals (禮) and Consideration (恕) in Tasan's Classical Studies - Focusing on His Interpretation of Analects and Mencius
Tasan on Virtue: Analysis through ‘Theory of Unaroused Mind’ and ‘Nature of Humans and Things’
Chŏng Yag-yong’s ‘One and Only Mind’: in Comparison to B. Lonergan’s Cognitive Process
Tasan on Righteousness and Profit: in Comparison to Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming
Zhu Xi and Tasan’s Interpretations on the Doctrine of the Means: Focusing on the Phrase “To Follow Nature is Called the Way”
Zhu Xi's Interpretation of "Buxian Character" in His Textual Study of the Doctrine of the Mean: in Comparison to The Notes and Commentaries of the Book of Rites
The Characteristics and Significance of Zhang Jiuchen’s Theory of Mind
Zun, Xian and Qin: Analysis of the Collapse of the Qin Dynasty
Lectures Movement in the Mid-late Ming Dynasty and the Civilianization of the Yang-Ming Study
南塘 韓元震的《經義記問錄》卷二《中庸》