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Vol.17 No.0
The Compile Purport of Yi Li Jing Zhuan Tong Jie and the Status in Zhu Xi’s Thought and Learning
A Study on Zheng Mengzhou’s Confucianism
A Dual Structure on the Zhi-Liang-Zhi of the Wang Yangming’s Thought
Modern East Asian Confucian Scholars’ Critical Perception of Zhu Xi’s Concept of Principle(理) -Focused on the Perception of Ito Jinsai(伊藤仁斋), Dai Zhen(戴震) and Choi Hanki(崔汉绮)
Fan Shen Le Xue and Civilian Consciousness -On the Thought of Confucianism of Civilians of Wang Dongya
Chen Que’s Confucian Economic Ethics Thought and Contemporary Value
The Dao Theory of Life View of Confucian Philosophy
A Research on the History of Chinese Virtue Regime
Confucianism and Religious Pluralism
‘Penetrating Clearly and Out-spreadly(豁然贯通)’, Eureka, and Cognitive Fluidity
[Book Review:] 孔子之言性与天道
[Book Review:] 韩国儒学思想资料精选8- 宋时烈著,《朱子言论同异攷》(《宋子大全》卷131)