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Vol.17 No.0
The Compile Purport of Yi Li Jing Zhuan Tong Jie and the Status in Zhu Xi`s Thought and Learning
《儀禮經傳通解》 的編撰旨趣 和在朱熹學術思想中的地位
A Study on Zheng Mengzhou`s Confucianism
A Dual Structure on the Zhi-Liang-Zhi of the Wang Yangming`s Thought
王陽明致良知的二重結構 ―― 積累和徹悟
Modern East Asian Confucian Scholars` Critical Perception of Zhu Xi`s Concept of Principle(理) ――Focused on the Perception of Ito Jinsai(伊藤仁齋), Dai Zhen(戴震) and Choi Hanki(崔漢?)
近世東亞儒學者對于朱子“理” 槪念的批判性認識 ―― 以伊藤仁齋、 戴震、 崔漢绮對于“理” 的認識爲中心
Fan Shen Le Xue and Civilian Consciousness ――On the Thought of Confucianism of Civilians of Wang Dongya
反身樂學與平民意識 ―― 王東厓平民儒學思想論
Chen Que`s Confucian Economic Ethics Thought and Contemporary Value
The Dao Theory of Life View of Confucian Philosophy
A Research on the History of Chinese Virtue Regime
Confucianism and Religious Pluralism
`Penetrating Clearly and Out-spreadly(豁然貫通)`, Eureka, and Cognitive Fluidity
豁然貫通、 優萊卡、 認知的流動性
[Book Review:] 孔子之言性与天道
[Book Review:] 韩国儒学思想资料精选8- 宋时烈著,《朱子言论同异攷》(《宋子大全》卷131)