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Vol.16 No.0
Nine Proofreading Notes on the Characters and Words of Chu Bamboo Manuscript of Book of Changes
楚竹書《周易》 疑難卦爻辭校札九則
A Study on Times of Chunqiu Wei
《春秋緯》 形成硏究
The Legitimacy of the Source of Political Power and of Governance ――On the Idea of the Legitimacy of Power in Ancient China
政權的來源合法性與治理合法性 ―― 論中國古代的政權合法性觀念
The From “the Memorial Service for Confucius” to “the Ritual of Shi Dian for Sage Confucius” ――A consideration for formation Process of The Shi Dian Ritual in Han-Tang Dynasty
On Zhang Two Pillars of Gan Bao?s Thoughts on Yiology: Gua-qi Theory and Eight-palace Theory
On the Ideological Tradition and Theoretical Aims of the Rise of Neo-Confucianism
Analogy On the “Sincerity” and its Connections with “Three great Virtues” and “Five great Ways” in Chu His`s The Textual Study of the Doctrine of the Mean
朱子《中庸章句)》 論)“誠” 及其與 “三達德”“五達道” 的關系
The Original Goodness Is not Opposed to Evil ――Zhang Jiucheng`s Solution of the Two Difficulties in the theory of Original Goodness of Human Nature in Sung Dynasty
性善之善不與惡對 ―― 以張九成爲中心討論宋代性善論涵盖的兩個問題
The Analects element in Korean Ancient Chinese Poetry
朝鮮古代漢詩中的《論語》 元素
Giho Confucianism School`s Argument about the Mind of Human and Theory of Self-Culture on Korean Confucianism
On Merchants of Huizhou “Liking Confucianism as Dealing” and Its Modern Value
“賈而好儒” 的徽商及其現代价値
[Book Review:] 金長生著, 《論私廟親祭時祝文屬號疏(癸亥五月)》(《沙溪全書》卷1), 《喪禮備要序》(《沙溪全書》卷5), 《家禮輯覽序》(《沙溪全書》卷5), 《語錄・宋時烈錄》(《沙溪全書》卷46)