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Vol.15 No.0
The Origin of Ritual and Music of the Confucius Ceremony and Dongyi Culture
The Moral Change from Ordinary to Metaphysical in Pre-Chin Confucianism
The Trait of Daoism of Confucian Philosophy
The Textual Research on Qidiaoshi School
On Zhang Zai and Lu Dalin`s Discussion about “Xing and Tiandao”
論張載、呂大臨對“性與天道” 問題的探討
The Neo-Confucianism Feature of Cheng Hao`s Interpretation on Research of the Analects
Analogy and Rise:The Idea as the Source in Poetics and Confucianism ――Re-inquiry into Zhu Xi`s Collected Commentary on The Book of Songs
比興:詩學與儒學之本源觀念 ――朱熹《詩集傳》再檢討
The Studies of Ye Shi`s Philosophical Thinking
儒學的另一種形態 ――葉适哲學思想硏究
The Analysis of the Origin of Confucianism of Song Dynasty in the Confucianism of Jin Dynasty ――On the Spread and Influence of the Confucianism of Song Dynasty in the Jin Dynasty
金代儒學之宋學源流縷析 ――兼論宋學在金代的流播與影響
Wang Fuzhi`s Explain on Time and Place in Qian Divanation ――Focusing on His Zhouyi Waizhuan
王夫之對《乾》卦時位的闡釋 ――以《周易外傳》爲中心
Huang Tsung-his and the Reconstruting of the Viewpoints of Moral Courage in Ming-Qing Dynasties
The Problem of Disseminating Contemporary Neo- Confucianism in Southeast Asia
On the Ecological Significances of Confucian Music Theory
The Vision of Cultural Studies in the 21 Century and Communication of Humanities
21 世紀文化硏究展望與人文學溝通
[Book Review:] 崔英辰《韩国儒学思想研究》(邢丽菊译,北京:东方出版社,2009年)
[Book Review:] 林月惠《異曲同調—朱子學與朝鮮性理學》(台北:国立台灣大学出版中心,2011年)
[Book Review:] 韩国儒学思想资料精选 6- 成浑著,《与栗谷论理气第一书(壬申)》, 《与栗谷论理气第二书》(《牛溪集》卷4) 李珥著,《答成浩原(壬申)》(《栗谷全书》卷9),《答成浩原(壬申)》(《栗谷全书》卷10),《人心道心图说(壬午)》(《栗谷全书》卷15)