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Vol.14 No.0
Thoughts of Rite and Economic Activities
Postmodernity of Confucian Sociology
A Study on the Religious Meaning of Confucius Ideas
About the Source of Liji·Yueji’s “Li” Ideology and Its Meanings and Characters
Zhu Xi’s Theory of Li & Qi’s Sameness and Difference, and Dispute of Human Being & Thing Nature’s Sameness and Difference on Korean Confucianism
Speculation on the Identity of the Complier of ZHU RU MING DAO
Primary Study on Lin Dong-cheng’ Mind Theory Thoughts -Attached Study on the Division of Taizhou
The Introduction and Introspection to the Confucianism Concepts of Kang Youwei
The Discourse of Modernity and the Conceptualization of Asia by Chinese Intellectuals
Modern Japan and Transforming Confucianism
The Inherent Characters of the Human Mind As the Defining Characteristic of Human Beings in Wang Yang-ming’s Thinking Way -Focused upon a Holistic Unity of Ultimacy, Potency and Primacy
[Book Review:] 奇大升 着,《高峯上退溪四端七情说(己未)》(《两先生四七理气往复书》上编 卷1),李 滉 着,《答奇明彦:论四端七情第一书》(《退溪文集》卷16), 《心统性情图说》(《退溪文集》卷8)