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Vol.13 No.0
The Practice Character of Confucian Ren and the Traditional Chinese Practice of Ren
“Education via Music” of Confucius, Mengzi and Xunzi
A Re-examination on Zhuru Mingdao Ji
Attempting to Relate the Composing Backgrounds and Process of Liu Zongzhou’s Book of the Human
Analysis on the Self under the Vision of Confucian Values: A Case Study of Confucius and Cheng Hao
The Dualistic Functions of Junzi&Xiaoren and Confucian Social Policy
Tradition and Modernism Seen as Cultural Memory
A Study on T`oegye(退溪) Yi Hwang(李滉): Ultimate Concern and Ultimate Reality of Chosun Confucianism
[Book Review:] 李彦迪著,《书忘斋忘机堂无极太极说后(丁丑)》,《答忘机堂第一书(戊寅)》(《晦斋集》卷6)