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Vol.11 No.0
The Tendency and Analysis of Recent Korean Confucianism Studying (2007.10-2008.9)
Korean Confucianism Studies in China
Research of Japanese Confucianism Studies in China
Zhou Gong as a Prince Regent and It’s Meaning with Some Political Philosophy Problems in Confucianism
A Reflection on the Essence of Xun Zi’s Theory of Human Nature
A Study on the Thought on Nature and Human Nature in Zuozhuan and Guoyu
A Philosophical Study on Political Culture in the Han Period Seen Through Dong Zhong-Shu’s “Heaven and Human Beings in Harmony as One” Thought
Zhu Xi and Neo-Confucianism
On the Debate of WujiTaiji between Zhu Xi and Lu Brothers
Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan Ideological Differences and Huizhou Scholars the History of “Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan Peace Conference”
Liu Jishan’ Doctrine of Good and Evil in His Pre-Modern Consciousness
[Book Review:] 韩国儒学思想资料精选3- 徐敬德著《原理气》《理气说》《复其见天地之心说》(《花潭集》卷3)