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Vol.1 No.0
An Analysis of a Confucian Discourse in Korean Society in the 1990's
The Modern Japanese Society and Confucianism - The Distance between 'Logos' and 'Pathos' and its Meaning
Post-modern Discourse and Confucian Communitarianism
Confucianism and Contemporary Thoughts of Management (Leadership)
Confucianism, Liberalism and Value Pluralism in Confucian Democracy
Confucianism and A New Horizon of Sociology
The Encounter of Modern Sociology and East Asian Social Thoughts: Sociology of Tao道
The Confucian culture and thoughts from Jungian viewpoint
The Surface Legal Institute and the Propound Confucian Consciousness
Modern Illumination on the Thought of Xun-zi's Philosophy
The nature comes out of the command'(性自命出) and 'What Heaven commands is called the nature'(天命之謂性) - <성자명출>, <중용>, <맹자>의 비교 연구
A Human Aesthetic Consideration of Confucian Thought