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Vol Title Author Date PDF
[공지] Publication Ethics 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
[공지] The Code of Management for the Editorial Board 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Feature Book Review Phillip J. Ivanhoe 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Reflections on Lao Sze-Kwang and His Double-Structured “Intracultural” Philosophy of Culture Roger T. Ames 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Duan Zhengyuan’s Moral Studies Society and the Political Imagination of a Religious Enterprise Sébastien Billioud 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Rethinking Nationalism, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism Guoxiang Peng 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 On the View that People and Not Institutions Bear Primary Credit for Success in Governance Justin Tiwald 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Replacing Liberal Confucianism with Progressive Confucianism Stephen C. Angle 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Modern Times and Modern Rites Owen Flanagan 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Scholar's Corner: Confucianism in and for the Modern World Chenyang Li 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.32 Editor's Note Phillip J. Ivanhoe 2019-09-02 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 Mengzi’s Philosophical Scheme of Human Nature LEE Young-Yun 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 A New Interpretation of the Gongsun Longzi: The White Horse as an Analogy for Human Nature JUNG Dan Bee 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 A Contemporary Assessment of the “Four-Seven Debate”: A Comparative Study of the Moral Psychology o LIU JeeLoo 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 “The golden rule of our Saviour. . . had been inculcated by Confucius, almost in the same words, fou LEE Junghwan 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 A New Approach to the Sasang Constitutional Theory of Yi Je-ma HEO Hoon 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 The Characteristics of Qian Shi’s Interpretation of the Lunyu TANG Minggui 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 Hou Ju 後具 or Ben Ju 本具?: A Reinterpretation of Zhu Xi’s Proposition “Xin Ju Zhong Li” 心具衆理 CHEN Shuangzhu 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 The Relationship between Conscience and Qi in Yangming’s Philosophy LI Bin 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 A Comparative Study on the Compilation of Zhu Xi’s Books by King Jeongjo and Chinese Philology: Fo LIN Yu-Yi 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.31 Mou Zongsan’s Concept of Socialism CHEN Ying-nian 2019-03-05 PDF 다운로드
Vol.30 Two Readings of the Lunyu Jo Jungeun 2019-02-19 PDF 다운로드
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