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JCPC is the only peer-reviewed, English language journal dedicated exclusively to research concerning the history and contemporary relevance of Confucianism. The Journal is indexed in AtlaSerials, BAS (Bibliography of Asian Studies), MLA Directory of Periodicals, The Philosopher's Index, DOAJ, KOAJ and KCI (Korea Citation Index).
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[Scholar’s Corner:] The Need for Confucianism
Moral Beauty and the Beast: Ethical Dilemmas in the Mencius
Integrating Care and Respect: Early Confucian Ethics as Inclusive Ethics
The Concept of “a Trust” and Its Relevance to the Right of Rebellion: Mencius and Locke
The Role of Ancillary Motivations in Xunzi’s Thought
A Criminological Test of Confucian Family Centrism
Defending Constitutional Democracy on Confucian Terms: Progressive Confucianism and Its Debate with Traditionalist Confucianism in Contemporary China